An Australian architect and a winemaker in their 20's walk into a bar in Melbourne, they mingle over a Pina Colada (or two) and three short months later they have a business baby named, Great Wrap!

That baby grew rapidly to walk and talk, build multiple solar powered factories in Victoria, develop world first compostable products and employ dozens of the brightest people that want to see the tail end of plastic waste. That was all in the first 3 years! You're probably thinking 'wow, what a clever baby', and by now, you can only imagine what's next for Great Wrap with your kind support.

We're Jordy & Julia Kay (the former architect and winemaker) and we're the Co-founders of Great Wrap. Our goal is to make products from the best materials possible, everyday. Currently we manufacture home compostable stretch wrap from food waste and with our team of brainy scientists and engineers, we will continue to improve our materials and offer many more products.

Our team at Great Wrap are proudly developing technology that will change the world, one roll at a time. So buckle up and thanks for joining us on the ride!