The Future

Research + Development
By supporting us now you are also supporting our research and development. In 2021 we plan to make all our products from converted food waste at our factory in Australia. We have teamed up with cross industry partners to develop technology that enables us to make our products from the most sustainable feedstocks possible. Our dream is to close the loop on our manufacturing so that fossil fuels and intensive agriculture are no longer a part of the production landscape. In the future, the by-product of this food waste conversion will be a soil and marine biodegradable plastic alternative. We will never stop learning. 
The future is very exciting for bioplastics and composting services but we want to ensure that our customers continue to trust us. We are working towards having our business certified for its operations, environmental footprint and building a better world. We hope to advertise more of these achievements in the near future.
Composting Solutions
We are soon launching a composting solutions engineering team. They will be responsible for getting Great Wrap to a compost bin. We want to ensure all customers that whether they are wrapping pallets for their business or cling wrap at home, we can find a way to get it composted.
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