No Microplastics here

Our wrap takes less than 180 days to break down into carbon and water in your compost pile.

The best materials possible

Great Wrap is made by diverting food waste from landfill and converting it into the main raw ingredient. This means a lot less methane in the atmosphere.

Our old formula was made from plants that required intensive agriculture but we are ever evolving.

The industrial stuff

Yes we will soon make commercial cling wrap and pallet wrap. The same price, the same quality, a much better world to live in.

Less intensive agriculture

Solar powered factory

Creating local jobs

Don't just take our word for it...

"Great Wrap solves one of the biggest waste issues we have in restaurants. It works just as well as plastic cling wrap and I no longer feel guilty for using it."

- David Moyle, The Saturday Paper

Such a great concept! So good to see Aussie companies taking steps in the right direction by transforming everyday products that contribute significantly to the plastic pollution crisis.

- Emily Jordan

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